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Personal Profile

Melvilles and the law go back a long way in Victoria’s history — to the mid 1880s when my great grandfather first practiced in the booming colony. Since then my grandfather, great uncle and both parents have distinguished themselves as lawyers. My brother and nephew continue to do so. It’s a strong tradition and one that I am proud to continue. After more than 25 years as senior solicitor and partner in a city law firm, I chose to follow an independent path and in 2009 nailed up my own shingle under the Aldgate Lawyers group banner in South Yarra.

New Melville Lawyers

This year, I have taken the process to its conclusion and now operate under my own name as Melville Lawyers. My strength has always been in commercial law. I am known for my grasp of process, contracts and documentation in complex business acquisitions and mergers. Within these transactions, I’m skilled in advising on cost and tax efficient structuring for both operational and investment purposes.

Commercial and Property Expertise

For over a quarter of a century, I have been involved in the sale or acquisition of major businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector. Many of the deals were highly complicated and called for astute commercial legal skills.

I also have a loyal following at personal and family level with second and third generation clients. They trust me to look after their estate planning, wills and probate matters and to advise on and prepare legal instruments such as powers of attorney, and conveyancing in private property and investment transactions.

As a lawyer with an extended background in personal service, I am unusual in making myself available at times and locations best suited to you.

Strength In Community

I, and my employees, have a strong sense of community. I continue my involvement with the Hawthorn Hockey Cub as a player and coach and I enjoy serving the Taralye Foundation Board as a director, observing and promoting the miraculous work it does helping deaf children to speak.