Sale & Purchase of Business

Buying or Selling a Business?

When it comes to property contracts, it’s essential to understand not only what IS in the contracts, but also what ISN’T. Whether you are looking to exit your business or start a new venture, we can help you achieve the desired outcome. With an eye for pragmatism and a thorough approach, we can assist you in the sale or purchase of your business, so you can be confident all your bases are covered.

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Buy & Sell with Confidence

Buying or selling a business is a big undertaking that requires careful consideration. That’s where we come in.

We can assist with:

We also specialise in hotels, clubs & liquor and gaming applications. 

Your Advocate, Always

Before signing on the dotted line, knowing what you’re signing is critical. This avoids buyer’s regret or losing out on being short-changed in a sale.

Whether securing a new property or selling your business, you want to be sure the outcome is positive.

With our expertise in contracts for sale and purchase of businesses, we can make the process as smooth as possible and deliver the best commercial outcome.

Are you considering taking on a development project or investing in commercial property? Explore our property & conveyancing services.

Specialists in the Sale & Purchase of Businesses

Backed by decades of experience, we will secure the best outcome for you when selling or buying a business.

We offer:
Practical, cost-effective legal solutions to real life problems
Friendly, professional and down-to-earth service
Trusted advisors with practical advice
Swift and efficient problem-solving with an eye for pragmatism
For lawyers that advocate for you when selling or purchasing a business, contact Melville Lawyers today.


Thorough, prompt and responsive with an eye for pragmatism – that’s Melville Lawyers

Access swift, cost-effective and personalised commercial law solutions to protect you and business.

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